Army Corps In-Lieu Fee Program

Army Corps In Lieu Fee Program

The Coachella Valley Conservation Commission (CVCC) administers a United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE)-approved In Lieu Fee (ILF) program to mitigate impacts to waters of the United States. Mitigation credits may be purchased from CVCC’s ILF program if authorized under a USACE 404 permit or a Regional Water Quality Control Board 401 permit.

Current Credit Fee Schedule:

Credit Type Credit Unit Unit Price
Restoration/Rehabilitation Acre $224,250
Enhancement Acre $187,450
Buffer Acre $144,900

CVCC’s ILF program is a separate entity from the CVMSCHP. Credits purchased from the ILF program cannot be used to offset any mitigation requirements imposed by the CVMSHCP

Please check USACE’s RIBITS system for credit availability.