"Preserving our Natural Heritage for the Coachella Valley"

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Murry Canyon Pool, Courtesy of T. Albrecht

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Revised Major Amendment after adding Desert Hot Springs and Mission Springs Water District

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Implementing Agreement & Environmental Impact Review
Comments and Responses

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Introduction to Plan

Table of Contents

List of Figures

List of Tables


Acronym List

Executive Summary

Section 1.0
Background, Purpose, Scope, Process,and Regulatory Context

Section 2.0
Plan Area Profile

Section 3.0
Plan Development

Section 4.0
Establishment of the MSHCP Reserve System
Section 5.0
Costs Of and Funding for Plan Implementation
Section 6.0
Plan Implementation
Section 7.0
Take Authorization for Covered Activities and Term of Permit
Section 8.0
MSHCP Reserve System Management and Monitoring Program
Section 9.0
Species Accounts and Conservation Measures
Section 10.0
Natural Community Accounts and Conservation Measures
Section 11.0
Literature Cited
  Appendix I
Technical Appendix
Appendix II
MOU to Prepare a Multiple Species Habitat Conservation Plan/Natural Community Conservation Plan
Appendix III
Interim Management Agreement MOU
Appendix IV
Settlement Agreement for Shadowrock
Appendix V
Like Exchanges During 2006

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Implementing Agreement

Table of Contents

Executive Summary Matrix

EIR Section 1

EIR Section 2

EIR Section 3

EIR Section 4.1

EIR Section 4.2

EIR Section 4.3

EIR Section 4.4

EIR Section 4.5 EIR Section 4.6
EIR Section 4.7 EIR Section 4.8 EIR Section 4.9
EIR Section 5.0 EIR Section 6 EIR Section 7
EIR Section 8 EIR Section 9 EIR Section 10
Appendix A Appendix B Appendix C
Appendix D Appendix E Appendix F
Appendix G Appendix H Appendix I
Appendix J Appendix K Appendix L


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Comments & Responses Cover Sheet
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List of Respondents

Comment Letters A-Q
27.1 Mb

Comment Letters R-V

Comment Letters W-AD
29.2 Mb

Comment Letters AE-BL
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Comment Letters BM-BO
22.2 Mb

Responses To Comments
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Clarifications and Revisions
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