"Preserving our Natural Heritage for the Coachella Valley"

CVMSHCP Fact Sheet
Plan Documents
Plan Maps
Final USFWS Permit
NCCP Permit & Findings

These Documents are in PDF format

 February 2014 Biological Monitoring Protocol

Protocol surveys for the Little San Bernardino Mountains Linanthus

Biological Monitoring End of Year Report - FY 2012/2013

Desert Tortoise and Linkage Reserve Management Unit Plan

Stormwater Channel and Delta Reserve Management Unit Plan

Valley Floor Reserve Management Unit Plan - Jan - 2012

 Santa Rosa and San Jacinto Mountains Reserve Management Unit Plan-Jan-2012

 Inventory & Monitoring of Western Burrowing Owls for the CVMSHCP, UC Riverside, 2010

Desert Wetland Communities & Species Monitoring Protocol

Aeolian Sand Communities & Species Monitoring Protocol

Alluvial Fan Communities & Species Monitoring Protocol

Dos Palmas Conservation Area Reserve Management Unit Plan ~ August 2011

2014 Status of Riparian Birds in Coachella Valley

2013/2014 Assessment of Water Resources in the Santa Rosa and San Jacinto Mountains National Monument

Biological Monitoring Program - FY 2013/2014 Report

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