"Preserving our Natural Heritage for the Coachella Valley"

CVMSHCP Fack Sheet
Plan Documents
Plan Maps
Final USFWS Permit
NCCP Permit & Findings

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CVMSHCP Biological Corridors and Linkages

CVMSHCP Conservation Area Boundary

CVMSHCP Plan Boundary

CVMSHCP Sand Source and Sand Transport

CVMSHCP Vegetation

Species Models

Plant Models

Mecca aster

Coachella Valley milkvetch

Triple-ribbed milkvetch

Orocopia sage

Invertebrate - Insect Models

Coachella Valley giant sand-treader cricket

Coachella Valley Jerusalem cricket

Fish Models

Desert pupfish

Amphibian Models

Arroyo toad

Reptile Models

Desert tortoise

 Flat-tailed horned lizard

 Coachella Valley fringe-toed lizard

Bird Models

Yuma clapper rail

 California black rail

Crissal thrasher

Le Conte's thrasher

Least Bell's vireo

Gray vireo

Yellow warbler

Yellow-breasted chat

Summer tanager

Mammal Models

Southern yellow bat

Coachella Valley round-tailed ground squirrel

Palm Springs pocket mouse

Peninsular bighorn sheep essential habitat


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